Keep an updated copy of your character sheet on the characters section of this webpage.

Anytime that the DM needs to know your stats, he will use those numbers and will not change the outcome if something unfavorable happens because your stats on that page are from 3 levels ago.

The Fate of Kras Hangs in the Balance

Legends tell of ancient times when the world was filled with light and dark fiends threw the world into darkness. Countless stories surround heroes who have fought the forces of darkness to protect the innocent. The myths of the world are filled with people of unbelievable strength championing one cause or another. Legendary people who fought for their homeland, for their loved ones, for their deity, or even for themselves; but nothing has prepared the world for the danger that it must face next. Soon a darkness so great will fall on the land that the gods will not seek a champion- they will seek a savior.

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The Dawn of Night

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